: Product care :

- For larger products such as coats, gowns, and dresses, be sure to hang them and store them in the clothing bag that comes with the garment.

* Most items are either hand wash or dry clean ONLY. 

* Air dry.

*DO NOT use harsh soaps. 

*Wipe metals dry immediately after wash and hang to dry.

- Leather products: should only be wiped or spot cleaned. DO NOT use anything oil based or acetone. If cleaning is a must, be sure to use lukewarm water and soap to wipe clean. NEVER soak product in water. If this happens, please be sure to wipe dry entirely and immediately. Keep away from sunlight or heat.

: Replace/ Repair :

- If one of your pieces has a broken part once you have received it, please contact us. you would need to send it back for repairs. We do not charge extra for repairing **depending on order and part/piece needed to be replaced. If your order is older then two weeks you will need to provide for shipping cost. Any questions, email us at costumer.care@cristobaleolo.com

-Some pieces may be more fragile than others.

- Handle with care for better longer lasting product lifespan.

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